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Your One Call Concrete Sawing Solution

Serving Oregon and Washington since 1976, Concrete Sawing Company is a company you can rely on. Our licensed, insured and BOLI bonded team is committed to completing your job in the most efficient, accurate, and economical way possible.

We are not only your choice for comprehensive concrete sawing services, we also offer removal of the concrete from your site. We have one of the largest selections of sawing equipment, core drill bits, specialty tools and removal equipment in the industry.

Utilizing specialty equipment

To ensure efficient job completion, we utilize a wide range of specialty equipment types:


  • Wall saws

  • Wire saws

  • Electric slab saws

  • Gas slab saws

  • Core drills

  • Concrete removal

  • Chain saws and more


Handling all types of jobs

“Great company! Clean, on time, and very knowledgeable.”

– L.S.

Our experienced equipment operators have the skills to handle all types of interior and exterior jobs including:


  • Wall sawing

  • Wire sawing

  • No overcuts

  • Chamfer cutting

  • Suspended slabs

  • Angle core drilling

  • Asphalt sawing and more